Dating in gta san andreas pc current rates consolidating student loans

23 Feb

Cheat: It took a few tries, but I finally found it: the place to take her on a lunch date.

First, whatever you do, do not take her to Burger Shot, Pizza Stack or Cluckin' Bell! I'd recommend taking her to this place called Steak House in Redsands West. I'll get back to you guys on anything else I find out about her that she likes on a date, so keep checking the comments in case I find anything.

By overwhelming demand, here are the codes to use with Action Replay Max for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" on the Play Station 2.

These will unlock the hidden adult-only content known as "Hot Coffee."The Hot Coffee Mod for "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" is an unofficial mod that was released in June of 2005 by a modder from the Netherlands.

The Archive is a personally-funded hobby, and without donation/advert revenue we won't be able to keep it going. While dating Millie - like all girlfriends - she has a few interesting things to say, including her fascination with electric nipple clamps; how irritating it is to lose one half of a pair of leather gloves; and.... Of course, some people really dislike the girlfriend missions and the slow progress and limited timeframe per day in which you can "date" them.

Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your Ad Block whitelist—it really does make a difference. Luckily for them, Rockstar put in a little "shortcut" for Millie to get up to the 33% required to get Millie to willingly give you her keycard.

This is an unofficial fan guide GTA San Andreas play.They unlock the hidden adult content that was locked by Rockstar, the developer of "GTA: San Andreas." The content in this area is rated "AO" for Adult-Only.7UZJ-9YW8-0T45Z8UQH-1851-EZQPCNOTE: It is recommended that you DO NOT save your game while this code is active. After your "coffee date" you will be stuck in an invisible box; press the R1 R2 L1 L2 buttons at the same time to escape.Designed and tested by a community of professional players for PC.If you feel or think there is a copyright or trademark direct violation that does not follow within the fair use Cheatlines, please contact us directly.