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20 Jan

Tinder can be great for a quick hook-up, but more often than not it's a never-ending trawl through photos that make you wonder what exactly they were thinking.

Swipe for long enough and you'll start to notice a distinct theme — so what better way to celebrate the demise of modern dating culture than with a drinking game?

To start the game, one person tries to bounce a Ping-Pong ball off of the table and into a cup.

If that person bounces the ball into someone else's cup, that person has to drink the beer in their cup, then refill the cup.

"Urotherapy is a traditional therapy of using one's urine to massage into skin, gums or drinking the urine," explains Dr. It seems to have originated in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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If they succeed, they take over as bopper; if they don't, they have to take a shot.

Gather around ye olde computer screen with your friends and pull up your fave Disney movie. And chug every time the princess encounters a beautiful or eventually beautiful prince. The cups are arranged in a circle, and there is one middle cup that is filled to the brim with beer.

Take a gulp if a princess’s parent is killed off before or within the first five minutes of the movie. How it works: Everyone has their own cup filled a little under halfway with beer.

And if the original player misses bouncing the ball into anyone's cup or the middle cup, the ball can either be passed to the next person in the circle or it can go to whoever catches it. This adult version of Duck, Duck, Goose is so simple it's brilliant.

Everyone sits in a circle and one player goes around bopping people on the head, advising them to “sip.” Each bopped person takes a sip of their drink until the bopper choses someone to say “shot” to.