Dating a tomboy updating blackberry curve firmware

27 Jun

we end up being effective wing-women for your single friends which makes them adore us even more!

A little secret though, yes, we do let you win sometimes.. We understand that we both have our own thing going.

The solution: Level the playing field any way you can so she can still enjoy herself. The solution: She lets you slither away when her friends mention a sale on boots or start complaining about their boyfriends. Tell her the guys want to talk guy stuff (if a buddy's having girl trouble, even better), and she'll most likely bow out of her own accord.

Come up with an excuse as to why you should give her a head start or yourself a handicap.

On those rare occasions when she does decide to dress up, you are blown away by how beautiful your cute girlfriend actually is!

She knows exactly what she wants and does not take hours choosing THE perfect outfit.

They'll love you and they'll be your strength when you are down. During your intimate moments, they will be the most shy lady you might have seen.

Even though in the outside world, she rattles off cuss words.

This may soon fizzle out, it is already beginning to, but let's look at the possibilities.

The "dye" could have been anything else, potentially more harmful with long-term side-effects.