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17 Mar

Leon Ervin got up Sunday morning and got ready to go to church.On the radio, he heard a news report about a woman and three children discovered dead, their bodies decomposing inside their home in the East Chatham neighborhood.He immediately recognized the block: that of his grandsons and their mother.Authorities have not yet identified the woman and the three boys found dead with her about p.m.Saturday in a one-story brick home in the 8300 block of South Drexel Avenue in the East Chatham neighborhood.But relatives, including Ervin, said that the woman was Latoya Jackson, 27, and that she was the mother of the three children, Andrew, 11; Cameron, 9; and Cantrell, 5.But as the TV-watching world will soon witness, Coffee made her hardest slog on an episode of “Naked and Afraid,” the Discovery Channel survival show that drops a pair of strangers into the exotic wilderness minus their clothing, then films them barbecuing snakes and crafting coconut-shell brassieres with their naughty bits blurred out.

In a recent spoof on “Saturday Night Live,” “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage carried along a fire-starter kit, while “SNL” cast member Leslie Jones toted a bottle of hot sauce that she sprinkled on both leaves and her partner.

"You hear a lot of people say, 'Oh yeah, sometimes you don't even feel it' or 'It happened in slow motion.' I'm here to tell you it happened in real time and it hurt like heck."Allen said he cannot talk about what happened during the standoff because of the investigation.

He plans to return to work for desk duty on Tuesday. Chris Perry, who has 14 years experience of law enforcement, was also shot in the leg during the standoff.

Louise Chatham was one of the three original mermaids in 1955.

She was portrayed by actress Christine Amor in her old age and by Teri Haddy in her teens.