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18 Oct

The word nitride refers to the −3 oxidation state of the nitrogen bound to the uranium.

Uranium nitride has been considered as a potential fuel for nuclear reactors.

The process was continuously monitored via the concentration change of CO and CO in off-gas.

Reduction rate values in experiments where 150-micron-diameter graphite flakes were submerged into the slag and left to float slowly to the top are about four times higher compared with when graphite flakes were dispersed at the top surface of liquid slag.

This can be accomplished by fluxing the dross from the mixture of molten sodium and dross by adding thereto sodium hydroxide, but the amount of sodium hydroxide required for this fluxing operation is such that approximately 0.575 mole of sodium (in the form of the hydroxide) must be added for each mole of sodium recovered.Thus, allowing also for reversion, this process can never exceed a maximum of about fifty percent efficiency unless the sodium values in the flux are recovered.This flux-can not be fed directly back into the high temperature reactor, however, because the high sodium hydroxide content thereof would react with the graphite lining ofthe reactor and destroy it within a relatively short period of time.Note If the show does not start all pledge credits for this show will be returned back to your account.If youve ever wondered why dating felt like you were driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas or youre wondering why youre not meeting great guys to spend time withand fun for everyone.