Bottom dating episode

25 Apr

Eddie: "Dear Eddie, by the time you read this I will be dead. Now we're good friends Eddie, we've known each other for a long time, we can talk. They fill his pockets full of change, push him into The Woolpack, and shout "Go on mate!

And you'll spend the rest of your life wandering around on all fours looking for the light switch. And then at closing time they give him a wage packet. Richie: [looking disgusted] And they let children play this, you say? Richie: Well, it's the season of goodwill and peace on Earth, so I thought I'd chop both its feet off, rip out its innards, strip it, shove an onion up its arse and bung it in a very hot place for four hours until its completely burnt.

If you don't shut up and let me watch "Miss World" I'm going to stuff your head up your bum. My main castles are scattered all over the place, you know, ‘cause I never know where I’m going to be…‏ bloody fox hunts go on for ever these days, don’t you find? Start off in “Burke—shire”, end up in, ah, eh eh, Twat—shire! And apparently, if a prawn goes all the way he turns into a queen!

oh God, you can't say anything without some dreadful double entendre lurking around the corner!

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The episode begins with the pair in Lily Linneker's (Lisa Maxwell) Love Bureau. At the end of the video, he suddenly enthusiastically lies, claiming to be the wealthy Duke of Kidderminster.

After visiting a dating agency, Richie and his 'Butler', Jives (Eddie) prepare to entertain aristocracy, with Richie having sold his kidney on the black market to afford the caviar and the dinner jackets.

They are watching the love videos they made earlier. The manager matches Richie with the third Viscountess of Moldavia, Lady Natasha Letitia Sarah Jane Wellesley Obstromsky Ponsonsky Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Oblomov Boblomov Dob (Helen Lederer).

Meanwhile, Eddie turns down a date with Sarah Ferguson, with great disgust.

Mayall and Edmondson had been working together since the late 1970s, when they teamed up as "".

Whilst preparing food for the date, Richie mistakes bowls of caviar for uncleaned dishes, and throws them away.

After Eddie points out this mistake, Richie attempts to recover by asserting that they've changed the design of caviar.

Origins and production The idea for "Bottom" was spawned when, in 1991, Mayall and Edmondson co-starred in the West End production of .

Mayall and Edmondson have said "Bottom" was often intended to be more than just a series of toilet gags but a cruder cousin to plays like "Waiting for Godot", about the pointlessness of life.