Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

14 Mar

Apple, September 7th: “It takes courage to kill the headphone jack, but it’s fine, because you can just connect to everything with Bluetooth! Numerous reports are coming in saying that the i Phone 7 has big problems connecting to in-car Bluetooth.Problems range from BMWs to Kias to my own Ford, and include audio cut-out or problems connecting.There is good news and bad news for i Phone owners with Bluetooth-enabled cars.We have been able to find some new tips and tricks to help those who can’t get Bluetooth to connect in their cars.After the i OS 9.2 update, Siri no longer worked with a BMW or any Bluetooth device, it was fixed by turning off Siri and Google Voice search, then it worked.

The i Phone 7 connects via Bluetooth to the device which is connected to the AUX port.

It came with a built in phone in the arm rest, the one from Motorola with the bluetooth TCUM module in the back.

The car came with pro navi as well, so it has the double optical drives and the wide screen.

It seems like every time Apple issues an update to i OS 8-9.0-9.1-9.2, it creates the Bluetooth blues for car owners for Bluetooth connections for car owners.

Apple released i OS 9.2 earlier this week and we are already getting reports of Bluetooth problems with the update.