Are katie cassidy and jesse mccartney dating

14 Aug

It's hard to explain what being a preteen girl is like to men who have not experienced it but like you literally hate yourself and love any male who aren't the boys in your class.

And the final question in every J-14 interview: Would you ever date a fan?

You suddenly became crazier than any Bachelor contestant ever.

Or was she some 70s child star's daughter that was trying to make a name for herself????

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She is a talented as well as a hardworking actress is best known for her roles in TV shows in Arrow as Laurel Lance, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place.She had a very interesting childhood and was a cheerleader for the California Flyers which was a competitive team.She started her career by recording a cover version of I Think I Love You, which was a hit for her father’s made-for-television band, the Partridge Family.Her father, David Cassidy, and mother, Sherry Benson are both actors and her grandparents, Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward were also actors.Katie is the niece of the teen idol and television producer Shaun Cassidy and actor Patrick Cassidy.