Adult iphone cam braudcasting sites

23 May

That way whichever direction you turn your head, you see a different view.Sony had a display at Interbike in 2014 that was actually pretty cool - I could see it as being a way to make an indoor spin session way more tolerable, or create a more immersive video experience.

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Regardless of what tech reporters have espoused, Periscope has become the more popular of the two.We know the return of the hawks to the nest is a welcome annual sight.Moreover, we know that the resumption of the NYU Hawk Cam is exciting for its numerous, long-time fans.I did my first, real Periscope live-stream broadcast today. Periscope is a new app that allows its users to broadcast and live stream video from their phone anywhere, doing pretty much anything in front of their followers.Twitter bought the platform and rolled it out at the end of March.