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21 May

I have probably spent more minutes of my life holding up the queue in the cornershop, while I deliberate between a Toffee Crisp and a Double Decker, than I have being in a committed, monogamous partnership.

But being mostly single for the past decade has been a relationship in itself.

I was at a career crossroads, I lived in a flat that was crumbling down and all my friends kept moving out to live with their boyfriends, leaving me like the last Sugababe standing.

There are plenty of singletons who consider dating in New York City to be a nightmare, but some of the Big Apple's most desirable men and women are also single and ready to mingle.

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Aujourd'hui, la France compte près d'un million d'exploitants agricoles.

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The legendary blonde gal Nicole Aniston is my dad's new girlfriend, and as a bonus, I get to fuck this superstar porn actress.

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