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13 Jan

These and other compounds in semen could function to keep women coming back for more.“I think there’s reason to believe based on some of the evidence we’ve collected that females that are in committed relationships that are having unprotected sex may use sex in part to self-medicate,” Gallup says.I read this interesting post on a blog by Queerific.I found it fascinating and it inspired me to create this video blog post.Here’s what they say about cum: “Semen is a complex mixture of different compounds, and sperm actually only makes up a small amount of it.When you remove the sperm, what’s left is seminal plasma, a fluid that contains an array of ingredients, some of which can pass through the vagina and be detected in the bloodstream after sex.

Estrogen and prostaglandins have been linked to lower levels of depression, while oxytocin (which women release during birth, breastfeeding and orgasm) promotes social bonding. The property you’re hunting on could be booby-trapped.That’s the lesson learned by a 73-year-old Pennsylvania hunter who was left red-faced after he tripped a paint bomb set on the property of a neighbor.she has no skill for acting in the dramas and movies. I wonder if Chae Ro Woon character was Park Bo Young. I sometimes get bored after some episodes while watching k-dramas,but I enjoyed this drama so much. But hey, I gave it a try because of the romantic scenes, and It did not disappoint. Some are saying the first few episodes are bad, and that the fun starts in the 5th episode. Gong Seung-yeon is so pretty and her character is likeable, as well as the rest of Silent Monster staff.The female lead, yes she still has to learn more, and yes her Character is kinda annoying like she likes going through her boss place but they got the chemistry, n she's cheerful n cute .. But honestly, if the main female lead is different person, i think this drama will delivered better.. Because I really wanted to give it a chance, I had to endure until the 4th episode except the parts where they show Ro-woon's relationship with her sister. Jun Hyo-Seong is really pretty, and of course Park Hye-soo and Han Chae-ah.